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WHAT IS THE AIM OF A SPORTS MASSAGE? The prime purpose of sports massage therapy is to help alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissue during physical activity. WHO IS IT FOR? It is not just for the sports person. Anyone can benefit from a sports massage, including people… (read more)

Holistic Facial Massage

  Holistic facial is a massage of face, neck and scalp. It involves working on acupressure points, lymphatic drainage and techniques from Indian and Japanese Facial massage, balancing facial skin, muscles and internal organs. Holistic Facial Massage is very gentle, relaxing and non-invasive. It acts like a natural facelift. This is one of the many… (read more)


 Reflexology is a treatment that uses the application of pressure on the feet to release tension and stimulate pressure points that are connected to different parts of the body.  Do you suffer from any of the following? * HEADACHES * BACK PAIN * INSOMNIA * ASTHMA If so the Reflexology is just the thing for… (read more)


This consists of various manipulations intended to stimulate the lymphatic drainage of various organs and tissues. It aims to eliminate: bacteria toxins viruses wastes  excess water  blockages in lymphatic circulation It has also been used for conditions such as: acne arthritis oedema inflammation  sinusitis This treatment is available in the Mill Clinic Monday – Friday


Many people think of massages as a treat but is that all they are? Although it is very relaxing it does in fact have a number of benefits! Here are some of the benefits: Reduction in muscle spasm, pain and tension  Release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers Relaxation and therefore reduction in anxiety Improved… (read more)


WHAT CAN IT TREAT? Back pain Rheumatism and Arthritis Sports injuries Sciatica Pain relief Neck pain and Frozen Shoulder Headaches and Migraines Stress and Anxiety Insomnia Low energy Poor circulation Digestive Disorders Tui na massage is available in the mill clinic on a Wednesday and is carried out by one of our practitioners, Ruth Lewis…. (read more)