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The Mill Clinic was founded in early February 2014. The vision was to create a clinic that provides high quality treatments with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, where people of all ages could be treated for all manner of ailments.

The expansion of Tweedmill meant there was the opportunity to increase services to the local community and set up a clinic offering a whole range of other therapies that could be offered to almost everyone. The aim was to have a clinic that was easily accessible and had good link to local transport. Since Tweedmill is already very well established, especially since the recent renovations in early 2014, the timing was perfect for Mill Clinic to put down roots.

This clinic was designed to be a better access for health care, avoiding the long waiting lists for treatments. By offering a different approach to tackling difficult medical conditions, there has been a surge in demand of holistic therapies to alleviate pain and treat all manner of health problems.

With a good team of highly trained staff, Mill Clinic has been very well received and has proven that even smaller businesses can succeed during the current economic climate.

Michael Calvert - Foot Health Practitioner
I graduated from the Stonebridge College with an advanced diploma as Foot Health Practitioner 4 years ago and I am a member of the Alliance of Foot Health Practitioners. I am the owner of North Wales Foot Care which focuses on Mobile foot care in Denbighshire, Flintshire, Conwy, Wrexham and Cheshire. This has been running for about 8 years. Due to My background in the social care sector, I have had extensive experience dealing with customers who have special needs such as learning disabilities, the elderly and the physically disabled. My interests include spending time with my family, watching football and computers.
Rose Calvert - Foot Health Practitioner
My name is Rose Calvert. I am a foot care practitioner at the Mill Clinic at Tweedmill, for North Wales Foot Care. I have been a foot care practitioner for 2 years. I have two children and a kitten.
Sarah Bayliss - Sports Therapist
My name is Sarah and I am a doctor, a sports therapist and a sportsman. I have combined all my skills and passions into being a sports therapist. I was brought up with sport, with my mother being a tennis coach. I spent much of my childhood at the local tennis club or riding my bike around our local estate. I also have memories of dressing in a nurses uniform and wanting to make people better from the age of about 4. Therefore my path was set very young. I went to University when I left school and trained to be a Doctor, and here I discovered new sports and made lifelong friends. Since then I have represented Wales at elite and veterans levels in orienteering, and Great Britain at elite and masters levels in MTB orienteering. The highlight of my sporting career was winning my age class at the first Masters World MTB Orienteering Championships. I have recently returned to university twice to further my knowledge and skills in sports injuries, physiology and psychology. I am now able to combine my knowledge, medical skills, sporting skills and years of experience in the medical and sporting worlds, to provide a complete service to anyone struggling with an injury.
Matt Budd - Acupuncturist & Herbalist
My name is Matthew Budd I am one of the practitioners in Mill Clinic. I am dedicated to providing a high quality service helping you meet your health goals. I am very passionate about what Chinese medicine can achieve for you. From very early on in my career I realised how amazing effective acupuncture can be. Over time I have become ever more confident of its power to treat many conditions, improve overall health and wellbeing. I strongly believe in a better healthier you, and I like to be able to give you more power and control over your health where appropriate by showing you self acupressure appropriate life style changes. Most people find this extremely helpful and are frequently amazed at the improvements that they themselves can achieve.